tees-en-scène exists to make artists visible, to elevate voices that are normally interrupted, ignored or silenced. this all began with a shirt for Elaine May whose work deserves not just to be seen by more eyes but to be talked about more amongst the greats of the art form. 

and we now have shirts honoring Barbara Loden, Kathleen Collins, Amy Heckerling, Debra Hill, Sandi Tan, Claire Denis, Lucrecia Martel, The Wachowski Sisters, Thelma Schoonmaker, Cheryl Dunye, Shelley Duvall, the 100 women who worked below the line on Uncut Gems, Ruth Carter and Jane Fonda.

we don’t just endeavor to elevate past directors and their work, we want to help continue pay and elevate women and genderqueer persons working in the filmmaking and critical spheres. as we grow, tees-en-scène will dedicate a percentage of our profits to help fund filmmaking projects. if you are a filmmaker or know of a project that could benefit from extra funds to complete a project, email us at teesenscene@gmail.com. profits aren't much—and we are still working to fund production costs—but we want to make sure this project is what we say it’s about: working as an ally to help elevate voices that have been marginalized far too long.