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tees-en-scène exists to make artists visible, to elevate voices that are normally interrupted, ignored or silenced. this all began with a shirt for Elaine May whose work deserves not just to be seen by more eyes but to be talked about more amongst the greats of the art form. 

Barbara Loden is next. though she passed from this life far too young, her first directorial effort, Wanda (which she also wrote and produced) is one of cinema’s most visionary works. yet for decades it’s been near impossible to see. it’s a work light years ahead of what anyone was doing in the 70s and, frankly, even now. when its restoration releases in theaters this summer it’ll be fresh revelation for both old and young filmgoers. and you'll have the shirt to show the love.

but tees-en-scène doesn’t just endeavor to elevate past directors and their work. with the Elaine May tees I gave a portion of the profits to clèo journal—a vital work of 21st century film criticism—to help continue pay and elevate female and POC voices in the critical sphere. a percentage of the profits from the Barbara Loden tees will help fund a filmmaking project from a woman of color. having a small inventory and one-person team, the profits aren’t much but I want to make sure this project is what I say it’s about: working as an ally to help elevate voices, specifically those of WOC, that have been marginalized far too long.

the long game then, if this thing continues to grow, is to set up a well of consistent funding for these kinds of projects.

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